Margaret Zhang with “street” fashion hair styles

Leave it to Vogue to have Vogue-worthy pics of the most fabulous and trend-worthy “street” fashion hair styles at Paris Couture week. We put “street” in quotes because, let’s face it, while they may not be models strutting an official runway every single one of these fashionistas put some serious thought, time and attention into perfecting their hair.


Candela Novembre, fashionable clothes and fashion hair style

So while they’re technically on the street rather than on a stage, these fashion hair styles are meant to be seen, professionally photographed, discussed and copied. Many of the styles look simple, but we can tell you from experience that simpler styles can be just as difficult to create as elaborate up-dos. Maybe not in terms of actual styling time, but certainly in terms of preparation, execution, and an eye for perfection. The reason? It’s easier to hide a stray lock, the horrors of humidity, or less-than-stellar workmanship in an up-do. When a fashion hair style is simple there’s no room for error or shortcuts.

What we love about these ladies’ hair is the effortless style – the chic, perfect counterpoint to the highly-stylized and sometimes out-of-this-world runway hair. They’re both beautiful and suit a particular purpose. But the street styles are more user-friendly for us regular (that’s a nice way of saying non-model) folks and are certainly more relatable. Now get inspired and head out there to make your own street style statement!

photos courtesy of Vogue and Phil Oh


Lupita Nyong’o becoming a Hair Style trendsetter

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