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Fashion and Beauty Go Hand in Hand

Beauty is big business. Why? Because we all love that rush of confidence we feel when we walk into a room and OWN it, whether it’s a social event, a job interview, or a casual date with friends. And what’s even better than reveling in that feeling yourself? Using your passion and skills to empower others to live those moments, every single day.

We all know fashion changes from season to season, but some things never go out of style: a classic haircut…makeup that enhances naturally…a healthy complexion and glowing skin. Classics and trends alike will always be popular by definition.

Staying on top of trends can be difficult if you don’t know the basic foundations of a flattering cut and color or professional makeup application. But once you’ve mastered those skills, the sky’s the limit! Tweaking that chic new haircut so it looks perfect on your client is a piece of cake, and transforming each season’s color trend into a flattering palette for every ethnicity is a snap.

At the Georgia Institute of Cosmetology, we’re all about success in the fashion and beauty industry. Our career is sharing that passion by giving students the skills and experience they need to take on the world, one satisfied client at a time. If fashion fuels you, why not turn your passion into a career? Don’t wait – follow your passion now. Financial aid is available! Contact us for more information on your next step.

Start a career for life!